Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the program reservations with Life Front-Line Limited

Terms and Conditions for the program reservations with Life Front-Line Limited

Contract. This contract is made between Life Front-Line Ltd (LFL) registered in Hong Kong, the collaborating parties (the Client) and any person(s) (the Participants) enrolling with LFL to take part in any event, voyage, course, or training or such other activity conducted by LFL (the “Program”). All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions and it is agreed between the Client and LFL that these terms and conditions and any contracts between the Client and LFL arising from the application are construed in accordance with Hong Kong law.

Language.  All correspondence, instruction, dealings and contact between the Client and LFL shall be made or conducted in the English and Chinese language.

Risk Disclaimer

No liability is accepted for the Participants personal possessions or vehicles left in the LFL premises; this includes on the marina and onboard vessels used by LFL. No liability is accepted for the Participants whilst in, or on, any of LFL or property used by LFL or whilst embarking or disembarking any vessel used by LFL. All Participants take part in any course at their own risk. The act of signing or submitting a web booking for the Program implies that the Participants has understood and accepted the terms and conditions of LFL herein, including the risk disclaimer above and liability as explained in this document.


LFL carries Professional Liability Insurance and Group Accident Insurance.  The Client agrees LFL Insurance Policies are adequate and the Policy is available, on request, for inspection by the Client.

Client Insurance. The Client is required as an enrolment condition to take out relevant insurance coverage that includes cancellation, injury and medical expenses. The Participants is strongly advised to purchase a personal life insurance.

Force Majeure. LFL shall not be liable for any expenses incurred due to Force Majeure, including Act of God, weather conditions, strikes, and acts of Government, war or any other occurrence beyond our control.


The Client is required to inform LFL upon booking of any health issues that may affect their suitability for participating in a Program. A medical declaration must be completed at the time of enrolment. If there are any changes between completing the medical declaration and starting the course, the Participants must inform LFL in writing. LFL accepts no responsibility for the decision of the physical fitness of the Client to participate in a course. If the Participants has any medical problems, it is their responsibility to check with their GP that it is acceptable for them to join the Program. Participants must ensure that any personal medication is brought to the course.

Minimum Age

Unless otherwise agreed between the student and LFL , the Participants shall be at least 13 years old at the time of commencement of the course. For Participants with age less than 13 years old, parents or extra adults shall come with the young participants.

Program fee

The fee paid by the Client is for the tuition, program and training fee. All participants will need to become a temporary member of LFL by fill in a temporary membership application form before he/she can use the provided vessel. The vessel is provided by LFL for free of charge as the member benefit.

Upon confirmation of offer, the Client has to settle the full program fees for the Program they have applied for before the stated deadline.

Adverse Weather 

Meet up: The meet up time will be postponed, if Typhoon no3 or Red rainstorm warning is still enforced 2 hours prior to the meet up time. Further arrangements will be discussed between LFL and the Client. If the Hong Kong Observatory announced the warning signal to be lowered, LFL tends to deliver the Program in the scheduled time. No sail in the event of Typhoon no 3 or above.

Termination: In the event of Typhoon no3 or above, the voyage will be terminated. The “Used day(s)” is consumed and no rescheduling is available. A partly sailed day is a Used day. Rescheduling will only applied to the “Unused day(s)”.

Please be aware that, LFL safety and operation policy is different from the Guidelines on Outdoor Activities from the Education Bureau. Our safety policy overrides the Guidelines on Outdoor Activities, particularly in respect of thunderstorm warning. LFL will run programs in thunderstorm warning, regardless the Guidelines on Outdoor Activities recommendations.  Instead, LFL will run the programs according to our protocol, to ensure the safe delivery of programs. Confirming the program means the client, usually schools, accepting this arrangement.

Cancellation and postponement 

No refund is available upon a confirmation. No cancellation from the Client is accepted, unless agreed with LFL in extra ordinary circumstances. In case of postponement, an admin fee will be applied in such case:

  • $500 per alternation / boat or program, 1 month or more before the program;
  • $1000 per alternation / boat or program, 7 days to 1 month or more before the program;
  • $2000 per alternation / boat or program, less than 7 days before the program.

LFL Cancellation. If, for any reason, LFL is unable to operate a course, LFL will inform the Client immediately the knowledge is available with full refund. No liability shall attach itself to LFL beyond the refund of the full fee paid by the Client(s) or unused portions thereof.

Training Vessels

LFL uses training vessels that are well maintained, however, if breakages or mechanical failures occur we ask for your patience and understanding that this can be part of boating. Every effort will be made to ensure the vessel is repaired at the earliest opportunity. If this is not possible, an alternative vessel will be made available. LFL shall not be held responsible for any time the Client feel has been lost, whilst every attempt is made to address any problems that may occur.

Master’s discretion

Skipper’s/Principal’s Decisions. The Principal’s decision is final at all times, on any of the LFL’s property and the LFL’s vessels, until the Skipper takes over.

a)  From the moment the Skipper steps onboard the instruction vessel, in accordance with marine practice, the Skipper’s decisions are final always.

b)  All Participants will accept all orders and decisions given to them by the Skipper at all times whilst onboard the LFL’s vessel or ashore, for the duration of the Program until the Program is complete and the Skipper is no longer onboard the vessel. The Skipper’s authority is total day and night in accordance with Marine Law.

c)  If for any reason whatsoever a Participant does not accept an order from the Skipper or his designated substitute, whether the Participant considers it to be reasonable or not, the Participant shall be considered to be in breach of his Articles of sailing.  The Skipper shall take any action or decision he considers fit for the well-being of the vessel and crew. If the Participant is placed ashore at the nearest port no liability whatsoever shall attach itself to LFL and neither shall the Participant has redress for any expenses or unused portion of the fee. Neither any redress against the Skipper or LFL as a result of actions taken by the Skipper.

Sea Time. Every attempt will be made to give Participants maximum sea time. However, if in the Skipper’s opinion weather conditions, safety or any other consideration renders it imprudent for the vessel to go to sea then the Skipper’s decision is final.


Participants will have to bring their own food and drink for all day trips.

Alcohol. LFL shall not be liable for any accidents that occur whilst a Participant is under the influence of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted while sailing, nor to the Participant under 18 years old.

Smoking and drugs

Smoking is not permitted on board any training vessel or in any building used by LFL.

Recreational drugs of any kind are strictly forbidden onboard any training vessel or in any property used by LFL. If found, or suspected, the Participant will immediately leave the course and no monies will be refunded, nor any additional travel expenses reimbursed.

Personal Identification

An official means of photographic identification is to be carried by all Participants at all times e.g. HK ID, Passport, etc.

Duties Onboard

All Participants will be expected to participate in cooking, vessel cleaning and routine maintenance as required by the staffs.  At the end of the voyage all Participants will be expected to clean the vessel from stem to stern.

Accommodation Onboard

If a Participant has been invited to use a LFL vessel for accommodation during a Program with LFL, rules apply to the arrangement. The accommodation offered is based on the understanding that the vessel be kept clean, tidy and secure at all times. Gas must be turned off at the main gas supply when not in use. It is strictly forbidden to move the boat. It is not permitted for any other person to be onboard unless permission is gained in advance from the LFL’s Principal. The Participant is required to act with duty of care towards the vessel and any LFL property. Full rules are available on request.

Breakages or Damages

Breakages or damages howsoever caused must be immediately notified to the Skipper or Principal for safety reasons. Participants shall be liable for any loss or damage to LFL equipment or vessel’s equipment up to and including the first HK$5,000 per item.


Notice of any complaint should be made to the Skipper at the time of the complaint arising. If the complaint cannot be resolved, then the complaint should be made in writing to the Principal of LFL and will be dealt with as a matter of importance.


Any dispute should be brought to the attention of the skipper or LFL’s Principal at the earliest opportunity to be resolved.  In the event of a dispute not being settled by mutual agreement, it is agreed that this agreement (contract) shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.  Any dispute arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be submitted to arbitration in Hong Kong in accordance with the rules of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). The language of the arbitration shall be in English. The tribunal shall consist of one arbitrator appointed in accordance with the rules of the HKIAC.