Code of Conducts

LFL code of conducts

Duty of care
  • staffs shall supervise the safety of participants at all time during the voyage.
  • all activities shall run with the standard operating procedure and according to the risk assessment & management plan.
  • operating staffs shall discuss and get approval from the operating director, if innovative activities are introduced in the program. Risk assessment & management plan must be completed before conducting the activities.
  • LFL will bear the responsibilities, as the program was run under the SOP and RAM. Operating staffs shall aware LFL is unable to take the reasonability for the activities beyond SOP/RAM.
  • staff shall stop danger actions, to ensure the safety of person and the vessel.


Accidents & near misses
  • if accident occurred, in field Skipper has all the authority to make the best judgement to tackle the event.
  • report to operating director/board of directors ASAP, according to the emergency plan
  • crisis management team will handle the press release. Staffs shall not disclose the event to the media.
  • crisis management team will handle the press release, participants, the clients, and the impact to the staffs.
  • near missed incidents shall report and record to the operating director, to avoid the repeated mistakes.


Sexual harassment
  • staff shall avoid the relationship with participants before, during, shortly after the voyage.
  • personal contact with participants after voyage are acceptable, but need to pay extra attention to avoid unnecessarily misunderstandings.
  • avoid unnecessarily body contact to opposite gender, unless in emergency condition.
  • bunk opposite gender participants/staff shall avoid to share the same bunk.


Quality assurance
  • end course evaluation form shall be sent to the participants/group leader. Participants shall be invited to filled.
  • participants are invited to participate as challenge by choice. Staffs do need to to force participants to do activities over their preference.
  • staffs might encourage participants to participate


Social media
  • photos and videos taking during the voyage are welcome. They can be sent to the media team to post it on social media.
  • although consensus form is signed, when posting on social media, faces of participant shall be avoid. At least it is not a zoom in picture
  • responds to the inquiries should be avoid to make it by personal. if negative comment is found, please report to the media team.


Representative of LFL
  • staffs will represent the organization during the voyage.
  • staffs shall aware the conduct in public, while wearing the uniform
  • although sharing to friend is welcomed, staffs do not represent LFL.



  • complaints shall send to the operating director, or to the general secretary.
  • external hearing board can be considered to form to handle serious complaints or complaints involving core staffs.