Open programs 公開訓練

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Individuals 個人

我們定期推出不同公開訓練!  We will run open voyages from time to time!

地區包括 Destination includes:

  • 西貢 Sai Kung sea
  • 維港 Victoria Harbour


Groups 團體

If you want to organize a voyage for your group, but not fall into the Christian Sailing Programs categories, you can consider to contact us to run the following trips:

  • 親子帆遊 (1 – 2 日) Family weekend (1 day or 2 days)
  • 帆船訓練體驗 Local sailing experience (1 day or 2 days)
  • 團隊建立課程 Private team building event

The surplus of these trips will financially support our services with our service voyages with the under privilege groups

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