Discipleship training program

Discipleship training program is a practical way to experience the teaching of the Bible. You will need to learn to be a team member, as well as a team leader.

The Bible says, disciples need to be in unity. Sailing a boat is all about teamwork, and it creates unity. On the other hand, disciples need to become a leader, who are willing for follow the Holy Spirit. You will learn to take charge of a sailing vessel, and take the team to the destination.

It is a challenging and rewarding experience to learn to be a disciple in a sailing expedition.


You will:

  • Learn to sail a boat
  • Work with your team
  • Be a team leader of the sailing crews
  • Take care of each others
  • Navigate the boat
  • Transfer the learning from sailing a boat, into navigating your life
  • You may go ashore to explore isolated island if time and weather are permitted.


We hope you can:

  • Build a close and solid relationship with your fellowship
  • Have new insight of being a leader
  • Find your path in Christ


Target audience:

  • Students
  • Working-youths



  • 1 day – 3 days